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About Us

Mandarin Language Discovery is located on 92 Virginia Road in White Plains, NY along with a second location at the YWCA in White Plains, NY. We offer classes to both children and adults.


Our small classroom sizes and accommodating teachers make learning Mandarin an enjoyable experience. Our programs teach all four language skills - speaking, listening, reading, and writing - with a particular emphasis on speaking. We immerse students in Chinese culture as well as the Mandarin language, so a cultural focus is carefully integrated into our curriculum.

Mandarin Language Discovery does not offer daycare services. We offer various language programs, tutoring/exam prep, and translating services for all ages.


Contact our office to inquire about our programs and services.

Founder's Note

I was born and raised in northeastern China.  Before immigrating ​to America, I worked as a licensed nurse in a women's and children's hospital in Beijing.  I spoke little English.  As China's nursing industry grew, however, more English speakers were needed.  Thus, I decided to move to the United States to study English. 

I found learning English in an immersive environment extremely beneficial to my studies.  Being surrounded by American culture allowed me to learn the language at an accelerated rate simply through daily interactions.  This experience showed me the practicality and effectiveness of immersive language programs, and inspired me to open Mandarin Discovery School. 

Here, we aim to introduce you and/or your children to the world of Chinese, both as a language and a culture.  The only prerequisite for our classes is a passion for learning.  We hope to see you there. 

- Shanshan Li

Marketing Specialist's Note 

I am a recent graduate from the University of Hartford Barney School of Business. I majored in Marketing with a minor in Entrepreneurship. 

I currently reside in Connecticut and work remotely to accomplish the business's marketing needs including social media management, website design, and many more!

Shanshan is very ambitious and her passion for teaching is admirable. Her dedication to students and entrepreneurial mindset is also very inspiring to me. She works hard to ensure that Mandarin Language Discovery's programs are unique, engaging, and effective for all her students. 

I hope you enjoy working with her as much as I do!

- Giana Zema 

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