Mandarin Discovery School


Our Mission


With 1.1 billion speakers globally, Mandarin has become the world's most spoken language. Chinese proficiency is therefore increasingly valuable for attaining future employment, and gaining educational and social opportunities. Our goal is to expose children to this highly-advantageous language early by teaching them Mandarin language skills that will enable them to thrive in our multi-cultural world. 


About Us

Our Journey

Our school's founder, Shanshan Li, was born and raised in northeastern China.  She worked as a licensed nurse at a women's and children's hospital.


Our Teaching Methods

We aim to create a fun environment in which students can learn Mandarin with ease. Our program teaches all four language skills - reading, writing, listening, and speaking - however, we put the most emphasis on speaking.


Our Offerings

Our school offers multiple programs and services, including preschool, mommy-and-me classes, Chinese culture classes, as well as individual tutoring, homework help, and summer school.

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